Halo Car’s teleoperated car-sharing service to roll out this year with no one behind the wheel

Halo Car, a Las Vegas-based startup that combines teleoperations and car sharing, said it will remove the human safety operator from behind the wheel later this year — the last hurdle before its commercial launch. The milestone would mean Halo Car will use humans to remotely control vehicles through public streets and deliver them to … Read more

How to cook a seafood platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will encounter various recipes that require specific cooking ingredients. There are multiple biomes and regions in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you will find various ingredients required to cook specific meals in these locations. After unlocking the Dazzle Beach biome, players will encounter Maui and Moana. One of the quests for … Read more

Real estate investing app Fintor raises $6.2M at $80M valuation

Fintor, a fintech startup making it easier for non-accredited investors to invest in real estate properties, has just launched its mobile app for both iOS and Android. It also just raised a $6.2 million extension funding round from its existing investors, including Public.com, Hustle Fund, 500 Global, VU Ventures, Graphene Ventures and angel investors such … Read more

This startup wants to make it easier to report corporate wrongdoings

From Edward Snowden’s government surveillance revelations through the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal and Twitter’s recent security pitfalls, whistleblowers have been the driving force behind some of the biggest news stories of recent years. But whistleblowing isn’t always about insiders shining a light on shady practices in governments or billion-dollar tech companies. Oftentimes, … Read more

SpaceX notches eighth human spaceflight mission with Crew-5

SpaceX successfully launched another batch of astronauts to the International Space Station Wednesday, part of an ongoing astronaut transportation contract with NASA. Like the company’s seven other human spaceflight missions, it was completely routine — and that’s what made it so remarkable. The Crew-5 mission (so named because it’s SpaceX’s fifth crewed mission with NASA’s … Read more